Employee Performance Chart

OrgChart Standard 5.1

OrgChart Standard 5.1: Create Organization Structure Chart with Orgchart Standard - Best Org Software employee job evaluations, job descriptions, and asset records to each employee as an MS-Office document attachment or link. - Breakdown larger charts into smaller sub-charts or divisions, for ease of use. - Hide sensitive information as needed with password protection. - Choose from dozens of professionally designed templates or create your own. - Add corporate logos, images, and employee photos to enhance visual impact. - Create Charts from Multiple

Employee Review Tool for Excel 2.0: Evaluate employee performance in Excel.
Employee Review Tool for Excel 2.0

employee performance on an absolute basis and relative to his/her peers. Up to five objective skill areas may be entered and the user has full discretion over the relative weight assigned to each. Up to 25 employees may be analyzed relative to each other. One-click sorting and filtering allows for easy analysis and comparison of results. Print-quality individual employee performance reports are generated with the click of a specially-designed button

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PatternExplorer for Amibroker 3.70: PatternExplorer for Amibroker is designed to improve your trading performance.
PatternExplorer for Amibroker 3.70

chart formations like trend channels, triangles, wedges, ranges or candlestick patterns. The PatternExplorer for Amibroker includes the following tools: Price chart which is a ideal replacement to the default amibroker build-in price chart, Pattern Recognition 1 & 2, Support and Resistance, Fractals, Taio Indicator, Taio Price Chart, Rainbow Chart, Candlestick Recognition, Fibonacci Recognition, Price Chart with Taio signals, Performance Chart, Pivot

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employee photos, and performance evaluations. Fujara is a comprehensive human resource management solution. It offers a cost-effective solution for managing and integrating time-off accruals, compensation, I-9 Documents, stock options, succession planning, bonus targeting, employee photos, and performance evaluations. Fujara helps to streamline routine data collection, reduce administrative costs and free HR professionals to spend more time on higher

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REFOG Employee Monitor Improve employee efficiency by watching their actions
REFOG Employee Monitor

performance and ensure your security policies by installing employee monitoring product. Refog Employee Monitor intercepts and saves input, tracks open programs and files used, logs chats and messages in all popular IM programs, tracks all open Web pages, and takes periodic screenshots of your employees` workstations to better illustrate their actions. It`s up to you whether to inform your employees of the new security software. The featured invisible

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Chart component .Net 4.4: Charting component used to create attractive 3D and 2D charts.
Chart component .Net 4.4

Chart Component .NET is a powerful charting component used to create attractive 3D and 2D charts for desktop applications and web pages using .NET technologies. 3D charting uses the OpenGL graphics engine to create sophisticated 3D charts and graphs. Chart includes a .NET chart control that could be used with any .NET desktop or web application, chart configuration control and chart toolbar, that can be used with any .NET desktop applications.

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.Net Chart Control 3.5.1: Chart control creates 40 2D/3D chart for .NET desktop and Web applications.
.Net Chart Control 3.5.1

charts, financial bars and Japanese candlesticks, Kagi and Renko charts and others. Flexible areas filling, scaling, legends, grid, context menus, and drill-down. Chart Control .NET allows using data from the XML, array of doubles and DataTable object. Chart Control .NET uses OpenGL (3D) and GDI+ (2D) for fast-rendering charts. Package includes Chart Control itself, XML driven toolbar, chart configuration control, and arts to decorate chart area.

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